Trewin Design Architects has a reputation as one of the leading rural architectural practices in the South West.


Trewin Design Architects are one of the first Architects in Cornwall and Devon to start working with pioneering, innovative technology to further enhance their clients experience. We strive to stay at the forefront of innovative design techniques and are proud to offer our clients and partners the following:

Virtual Reality Tours – Trewin Design Architects are one of the first Architects in the South West to be able to offer their clients the chance to take a virtual reality tour of their project. After recently purchasing the HTC Vive headset and collaborating with an award-winning local company, Triangular Pixels, the practice are using pioneering VR technology to further enhance the clients experience.

Autodesk A360 – we actively collaborate with our clients through the increasing use of the latest technology at our fingertips. We use A360 Autodesk to update our clients on the various elements within their project as desired. Reviewing their projects in real-time.

Modern Methods Of Construction (MMC) – Volumetric Construction.

Off site manufactured housing  – Trewin Design Architects are currently working with a number of housing associations producing pre-engineered volumetric units that are installed on site as fitted-out and serviced ‘building blocks’ that are placed into prepared foundations. The units offer cost effective construction whilst significantly reducing construction waste and environmental impact. Trewin Design Architects are constantly working towards green construction methods.