Saving the planet and my pocket!

The data is out there, but it is only when you have a personal experience that you can truly take on board the impact of the latest fuel-saving technology. We have recently built a new home which incorporates a Kensa heat pump and recovery system. We have integrated this technology into a number of our projects, from luxury Eco Lodges to social housing developments, the attraction for the former being the environmental benefits and for the latter the potential savings they offer to those who may otherwise struggle with their fuel bills. We appreciate that knowing that you can afford to stay warm and cosy without running up huge bills is a real comfort.

However, whilst we know the principles and the potential benefits, I still wasn’t expecting that my 300sqm home would have such low bills. Having experienced some pretty extreme weather in recent weeks, my family and I have been as warm as toast, but my bills are a fraction of what I have become accustomed to – just £6.00 per month!! What to do with all those savings? Hmm, there must be something I need for my bike…….

Written by James Trewin – Chief of Colouring In and a keen cyclist!


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