Paradise Pines, Devon

The new emphasis in tourism is to develop and promote high quality customer experiences.

  • People now choose their holiday by the experience they want rather than its location.  At the same time environmental tourism and associated architectural developments, where the biggest attraction is landscape and wildlife, is emerging as a key growth sector.
  • Our client owns 150 acres of woodland with 20% open space.  The proposed development provides autonomous holiday accommodation units in isolated woodland locations.
  • The units are constructed from locally sourced and sustainably managed materials and as there are no services they are fully autonomous. Heating, hot water and cooking facilities will be provided by a traditional solid fuel aga. During the summer hot water will be provided by solar panels and a combination of photovoltaic cells and wind turbines will provide power.
  • A central washroom utilizes grey water harvesting and dry chamber toilets will be provided in the units together with showers as they use less water.
  • To find out more about staying in this enchanting property, go to
  • Photography courtesy of Kirsty Noble.


Cornish Homes & Property Services Ltd


New Build


Paradise Pines, Halwill, Devon

Services Used

RIBA Full Service and Planning Consultancy Architect in Devon, Trewin Design Architects