Eco Friendly Housing, Barnstaple

Plans have been approved for three sites in the Barnstaple area to demolish existing pre-cast reinforced concrete (PRC) properties and build 350 new homes.

  • The proposals involve demolishing 231 dwellings on estates in Barnstaple, known as Forches, Woodville and a third site in Braunton and replace them with 155 eco-friendly homes that combined with new roads and well designed open spaces will transform the lives of local families, according to North Devon Homes (NDH).
  • The homes were built after the Second World War to cope with a housing shortage and are riddled with structural faults and deficiencies.
  • James Trewin, Managing Director at Trewin Design Architects said “This scheme was delivered within a very tight time frame to meet with our clients funding requirements and we managed to submit all three applications at the same time even though each site provided us with many complex issues whilst retaining high standards of design”.




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