Cross Place, Wadebridge, Cornwall

The site has an interesting past as the original building was built as a Town Community Hall in the 1830’s, and became a Chapel for a while in the late 19th century.

  • It was then adapted to a Drapers Shop (Nancarrows) and later to an Electrical Shop (Munceys) prior to its conversion to a Furniture Salesroom when the upper floors were removed. Sadly the existing structure was in such a poor state after all the conversions and adaptations, the decision was made to demolish the building.
  • The main concept for the new building was to form a feature at the head of the square making the presence of the Museum a clear feature within the building to attract visitors.
  • The Museum is an important feature to the town and its historical centre as it will be an archive of the town’s history and Cross Place makes an ideal location for this.


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Wadebridge Cornwall

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